Mass Effect 1000G

Mass Effect 1000G



Serving size: 4 scoops (200g) Servings per container: 25

Nutrition value

100 g

200 g


1613 kJ / 380 kcal

3226 kJ / 761 kcal


15 g

30 g


74 g

148 g

    of which sugar

42 g

84 g


2,7 g

5,4 g

    of which saturates

1,7 g

3,4 g


1 g

2 g


0,1 g

0,2 g

Carbelac®, Isolac®, Optipep™ - registered trademark of Carbery Group

Ingredients: Complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin, glucose), protein complex (buttermilk, whey protein concentrate Carbelac®, whey protein isolate Isolac®, hydrolysed whey protein Optipep™), cocoa1, colour (caramel)1, thickener (Xanthan gum), red beet concentrate2, flavourings.

Where: 1Chocolate, 2Strawberry.

Recommended use: Mix 4 scoops with 400 ml of water or skimmed milk. Use ½-1 serving 45-75 minutes before workout and ½-1 serving immediately after workout. During non-training days use 1 serving between meals. This formula is highly concentrated, and due to its potency, you may want to consider using ½ serving 2-3 times per day.

Warnings: Do not use if you are allergic to any of product compounds. Made in a plant that also processes soy, egg, peanuts, nuts and wheat products. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Store in dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from direct sunlight. A varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is recommended.

Flavours: Bag 5 kg: Chocolate, Strawberry, White Chocolate Coconut, Vanilla. Bag 1 kg: Chocolate, Strawberry, White Chocolate Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate with Hazelnut, Toffee, Banana, Vanilla-Almond.

Net weight: 5 kg, 1 kg

Uue generatsiooni massilisaja.


  • 4 proteiini allikaga pikalt toimiv sporditoit
  • 3 erinevat süsivesiku ahelat
  • Sisaldab Vitargot.
  • Sisaldab kreatiini
  • Glutamiin, et taastada positiivset amino taset.
  • hea maitse


Xtreme Mass Effect -sisaldab 3 erinevat vadakuproteiini,
 (hüdrolüüsitud, isolaati ja konsentraati), mis tagavad parima
imendumise kuna iga proteiin imendub eri ajal , seega taastud sa


Xtreme Mass Effect sisaldab unikaalset süsivesikut VITARGO, mis on loodud Rootsi Karolinska instituudi teadlaste poolt.

Vitargo parandab treeningjärgset glükogeeni resünteesi ja lihtsat energia kasutust ajal kui energiat vaja on..


4 erinevat proteiini, glutamiin, kreatiin ja Vitargo on kokku Xtreme Mass Effect, mis tagab parima tulemuse.

Tarvitamine: Peale trenni veega ca.60g.

Hoida lastele kättesaamatus kohas.

Pakend 1kg