Masscore 7kg

Masscore 7kg


Mass is the top-of-the-shelf powder for protein carbohydrate drink that satisfy body needs after intensive workout.

Mass is multicompound and complete diet supplement that provides your body with everything that is needed to ensure fast growth of muscle mass when combined with proper resistance training.

Every serving of Mass provides your body with 40 g of highest quality protein that ensures growth and maintenance  of muscle mass, di- and tripeptides and free amino acids derived from hydrolysed whey protein ( Optipep™) and hydrolysed caseine (PeptoPro®) and whey protein isolate(Isolac®). Moreover, every portion of Mass provides 136 g of carbohydrates (mix of simple and complex carbs andVitargo®), that are primary source of energy for working muscles, which protects muscle protein from being used as an energy source.


What is PeptoPro®?

  • Highly advanced peptide formula derived from milk protein
  • Contains over 60% of di- and tri- peptides, which molecules are so small that they don’t have to be digested by human body and are very easy to absorb.
  • Soluble in cold water and contain no lactose or fat.
  • Clinical trials showed that consuming PeptoPro®ensures:
    • better physical performance and increased endurance
    • faster post workout recuperation
    • protein synthesis during and after the workout
    • PeptoPro® is a brand well-known and trusted among athletes

How does PeptoPro® work?

After consumption, protein goes through the process of digestion. After initial digestion just after consumption (due to enzymes in saliva) protein is being digested in small intestine. PeptoPro® is hydrolysed with proteolytic enzymes to the form of peptides and free amino acids – basic building blocks of proteins. This pre-digestion is needed to create dipeptides, trieptides and free amino acids that are small enough to be absorbed from intestines into the bloodstream and then transported to all body cells. It must be taken into consideration that human body during and after the intense workout has smaller ability to digest due to lowered (up to 80%) blood flow in intestines, which limits the digestion of more compound nutrients and supplements.

PeptoPro® - maximum protein intake and high level of leucine!

Leucine is the most important amino acids as far as maximum protein synthesis is concerned. Fig. 2 and 3 in the graph show that PeptoPro® is one of the best sources of leucine. Leucine form PeptoPro® is absorbed 3 times more efficiently than leucine that can be found in BCAA supplements, because BCAA supplements usually contain free form of amino acids, while PeptoPro® contains mostly di and tripeptides. Just look at the comparison chart. Di- and tripeptides from PeptoPro® are absorbed 2-3 times faster than free form amino acids or long chains of protein.

Chart based on clinical trial published in J. Clin Invest. 1977 Nov. 60 (5) 1008-1016


PeptoPro® initiates muscle regeneration in just 30 minutes after consumption.

In the chart you can see relations between muscle strength and length of period since the end of the workout. This research indicates that PeptoPro® is the best source of protein among tested protein fractions. What does it mean to for your muscles? By consuming PeptoPro® before the workout, you deliver fast acting amino acids, di- and tri peptides that can be almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and used by muscles. Recent research showed that maintaining high level of blood amino acids during workout (achieved by consumingPeptoPro® and whey protein hydrolysate 30 – 60 minutes before the workout) inhibits muscle tissue breakdown and initiates muscle protein synthesis already during the workout. Moreover, elevated level of amino acids during the workout directly increases muscle building potential after the workout. So besides maximizing muscle growth after the workout, short peptides supplementation promotes muscle strength regeneration better than whey protein or micellar casein – which is clearly showed in the chart.

Based on Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 3(1): 7-27, 2006

History of this product starts in 2001, when Olympic Committee of Netherlands decided to develop new regeneration drink for Dutch athletes. The drink based on PeptoPro® was introduced to Dutch Olympic Team in 2004 and immediately became a huge success. By the year 2011 most of professional athletes was using products containing PeptoPro®.

PeptoPro® comes in a form of powder that is perfectly soluable in water, with neutral taste, thanks to patented enzymatic formula that reduces sour taste typical for hydrolysed products.

  • Delivers amino acids that are quickly absorbed, which protect muscles during the workout and decrease muscle tissue damage. During second hour of workout, the body recovers 5 - 15% of energy from amino acids, so without supplementing them it will break down it own muscle tissue. That way PeptoPro® reduces catabolic processes during workout.
  • The effect is better performance and increased endurance

  • Ensures muscle recuperation by delivering muscle building nutrients - peptides, during so called “metabolic window”, that occur in the cells during half an hour after the workout.
  • The effect is immediate recuperation