Universal Tribulus PRO

Universal Tribulus PRO





Universal Tribulus  is a clinically validated testosterone enhancing formula with 1500mg of pure tribulus terrestris per tablet. The benefits for athletes are

  • Muscle mass growth and definition

  • Increased muscle strength and power

  • Faster recuperation and recovery

  • Restoration of optimal hormonal balance

Ultra-High Saponin, Ultra-High Testosterone

When it comes to a Tribulus Terrestris formula, saponin content is extremely important. Saponin is responsible for the actual enhancement in testosterone levels. In Universal Tribulus we use carefully selected ingredients with 90% saponin content. Don't waste your time and money on ineffective products made of low saponin tribulus terrestris. Only a handful of products on the market can compete with Universal Tribulus  in saponin content.

Absolutely Safe and Natural

Universal Tribulus  is a clinically tested testosterone booster. It is NOT a steroid. No banned are used. The use of Universal Tribulus  is perfectly safe and natural.