Universal Beta Ala 9  -210 Kapslit

Universal Beta Ala 9 -210 Kapslit


Universal Nutrition´s Beta Ala9 combines CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine along with 8 key support nutrients, helping to form a strong beta alanine supplement. Beta alanine is needed to help promote high levels of intramuscular L-carnosine. L-carnosine, in turn, plays a key role in maintaining proper muscle pH. L-carnosine is naturally occurring and helps to soak up the positive hydrogen ions that are released through intense exercise. These hydrogen ions cause muscle pH to drop, making muscle pH more acidic.*

The result? Increased muscular fatigue and decreased strength.* This is where Beta Ala9 comes into play. It works to promote the muscles natural level of L-carnosine, assisting the muscle in buffering the overload of positive hydrogen ions produced from intense workouts.* Coupled with a specialized absorption and buffering blend, Beta Ala9 aids muscles and helps ensure that they are working at optimum levels to enhance muscle cell buffering while also combating dreaded free radical production.*