Biotech carbox

Biotech carbox



Biotech Carbox is a highly advanced complex carbohydrate formula scientifically engineered with five forms of slow, normal and fast absorbing carbohydrates to deliver energy support to your body throughout and after your workout. Carbox has no flavour and is perfect to be added to any other protein shake of your choice.

Within Carbox formula there is Vitargo, an energy agent that is absorbed 80% faster and restores muscle glycogen 70% quicker than other forms of carbohydrates currently available in the market. It contains dextrose to magnify insulin and restore glycogen in the muscles after intensive workouts and fructose to provide your body with slow released energy to impede sharp rises and falls in your glucose levels. Finally D-ribose will help your body to fight fatigue by replacing back the energy levels.

Carbo X restores glycogen and increases insulin production levels to an anti-catabolic state. By saying this it means that it will provide your body with more muscle, strength, endurance and better muscle repair. Carbo X if combined with creatine enhances the absorption of this so much relevant source of power, strength and muscle growth.

Therefore Biotech with Carbox brings you that constant set of energy you so much wanted! It will boost creatine absorption to the maximum, raising strength and muscle gains to the max! For this and all the reasons mentioned before, get this mind-blowing carbohydrate in you shelve as soon as you can!